Monday, December 14, 2009

Confessions of An Economic Hitman

"Confessions of An Economic Hitman" is a great book to learn more about state and corporate sponsored economic terrorism and manipulation of developing economies and political systems, told by insider John Perkins who decided he had a moral obligation to speak out after 9/11. The short version is this radio interview. (The sound improves quickly).

Alternative energy, NOW!

You go, developing nations. The economic superpowers need to man up and not try to circumvent the Kyoto Protocol which right now is the only legally binding mechanism in place to force wealthy nations to curb their emissions. Addressing climate change and developing clean energy is not just an economic but a moral imperative. I wonder how far that 1 million per soldier per day about to go to extending the war in Afghanistan could go in that effort. What's the point of saving the world from terrorism if we destroy it with our careless lifestyles?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

the *really* good things in life are *sometimes* free

New Yorkers: Best coffee in the world is free this week, 12/7 - 12/13, only.

Sweetleaf is giving away 12 oz. of Stumptown Coffee. It really is some of the best coffee I think I've had and they sell the beans too. Use the money you save to buy some goodies and take a bag of beans home.

Only one stop east from Grand Central on the 7 and a block east and north. Map.