Saturday, May 20, 2006

I still want to make a documentary film

When I first moved to Seattle in the early 90’s, my goal was to learn documentary filmmaking and make some films about how globalism and modernization were transforming indigenous cultures. I wanted to draw attention to how there was wisdom being lost there, wisdom which modern societies should try to preserve and use to guide their direction (appropriate use of technology, maintaining balance with ecosystems and the human body, preservation of cultural history and diversity, etc.).

So I took some courses at the University of Washington, got a certificate in film and video production, and even wrote and directed a little student project short.

But this was before the days of cheap digital video production. I was short on cash, couldn’t afford any equipment, and the need for food and shelter pulled me into the 9-12 world of software development. I suppose like many others fresh out of college, I got side-tracked.

Nevertheless, the dream lives on, and every now and then I get the urge to pick up the videocam and head out the door to see what may be left of those indigenous societies in this ever flattening world.


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