Sunday, January 08, 2006

Idea for blog auto-linking feature

What if your blog tracked the links you put in your posts, associated with the linked text, and automatically linked the first term in your future posts with the matching URL. Of course, multiple matches would need some interface for letting you choose the desired URL, and you might want some way to cancel a link as you typed it.

Maybe you could also invoke the feature on the selected text so that it would return the first 10 results from Google to allow you to choose the best link. (This is sort of what I do manually using Firefox's "Search Web For..." feature. ) Seems like that would be a no-brainer for Blogger, Typo, or even GreaseMonkey.

You might also want an admin view to manage those URLs so that you can change them and have all your previously links updated. And then you'd just have to have a built-in link checker to alert you to broken links...

(UH OH. I'm feeling an attack of feature-itis coming on.)

Does anyone know whether any of the blogging tools out there supports anything like this?

Might be a nice enhancement to Typo which I'm planning to migrate to. Has anyone done this migration from Blogger?


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