Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dreadful Ed

Dreadful Ed is a new children’s book written by my talented kid brother Andrew. I read it to my daughter last night. Published by DarkHorse comics, it’s a sweet story about a little boy who thinks he doesn't quite meet with his father’s or schoolmates’ approval and expectations.

(Oh, btw: Ed’s family and school chums are spooky monsters! Perhaps my brother is working out some childhood issues here...)

My daughter really enjoyed the story and the creepy artwork. It’s not a scary story by any means, but afterwards she didn’t want to go to sleep with the book in the same room. ;)

From the back cover:

"It's a little known fact among those in the know
that on one night each year when the howling winds blow
if you stay up past bedtime 'til thirteen past three
there's a place not like this place you're likely to see."

"Welcome to Nocturnia, home to nightmares, monsters, and one little misfit named Edgar Grimm. Like most kids, Ed would love to make his parents proud. For Ed that means following in the big, frightful footprints of his dad, who just happens to be the Bogeyman! Unfortunately, unlike his famous father, Ed's not very scary. You see, Ed isn't like the other monsters his age. In fact, he isn't a monster at all... but that won't stop him from trying to prove that even a good little boy can find a place among the biggest, baddest monsters there are."


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