Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peepcode is your very own Rails personal trainer

If you are developing with Ruby on Rails and haven't tried Geoffrey Grosenbach's (topfunky) Peepcode screencasts, then you are missing out on the world's most affordable Rails training.

At a mere 7 clams a pop (I went with the 10-pack subscription), you get over an hour of high quality, step-by-step, hands-on instruction in full size or iPod format. Each episode is chock-full of nifty tips, techniques, and practices that'll hone you into a stellar Rails developer. You can even post support questions on his Google groups mailing list.

It's like having your very own Rails personal trainer.

The pig in me wants to rush through all the screencasts at once in a marathon orgy of glorious geek-out, while the cartoon fox in me wants to pace myself, slowly savoring each episode like a haiku running at 5 fps.

Kudos to Geoffrey for this top-notch service. I've no doubt the knowledge gleaned from each of these will likely save my chunky bacon many times over.



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