Friday, November 27, 2009

The Reverend Billy Talen from the Church of Life After Shopping:
"You stop shopping, but start giving. That's what the holidays are for. The good way to do that is to find your gift locally. Walk to your gift this year and buy it there. Buy it from an independent shop on your main street, in your neighborhood, in your community. Local shopping is... a sustainable economy."

Turn Black Friday into Buy Nothing Day

Today, please join me, Adbusters, the Reverend Billy Talen and the Church of Life After Shopping, and others across the world in reclaiming our souls from the capitalist/consumerist/corporatist spectacle through the simple defiant non-action of not buying anything.

Fight the zombies of the Shopocalypse! It's either that or become one. Your choice.

Buy Nothing Day TV Spot Rejected by some networks

The Buy Nothing Day TV spot by Adbusters was rejected by MTV, ABC, and CTV. Listening to the rejection calls are telling.
"Suck it up! It's the real world!... We sell time for many different things but not issues of public importance."
TV doesn't like controversy. Its job is to keep you watching, docile and receptive, and to keep you, above all else, buying. Reflection, thought, and questioning are its enemies.

Monday, November 23, 2009



Sorry, Morena.

Loved you in Firefly as Mal's love interest, but V just ain't doing it for me. Is it the haircut? Possibly. Could I be that shallow? Possibly. Or could it be the lackluster dialog, clich├ęd conflict, and bottom-of-the-barrel casting? People, if you're going to do a remake of a corny classic, do your frakking (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) homework and hire the right people for the job!!!

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