Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Intel Macs Announced

Sweet. A buddy just IM-ed me with a real-time report from ilounge on the Macworld keynote from Apple's Steve Jobs.

1:11 - First intel mac, First of new generation of Macs - iMac - We're going to put intel processor inside new iMac.
1:12 - iMac - Same sizes 17 and 20', Same design, Same features, Same prices, What's different - New iMac is 2-3x faster than iMac G5. Uses intel's core duo chip, Two processors on one die, 2mb l2 cache, 2mb l2 cache, Each processor is faster than G5 - iMac Core Duo is name. 2.0Ghz Core Duo is much faster than 2.1ghz iMac g5. Every iMac is now dual processor.

1:26 - iMac Core Duo - 1.83ghz 17' $1299, 2.0ghz 20' $1699, Shipping today.

1:30 - New notebook MacBook Pro - Intel Core Duo, Dual processors in every macbook pro. 4-5x faster than g4. Fastest mac notebook ever, Thinnest ever - 1" thin. 15.4 display widescreen as bright as the cinema's. iSight built-in.

1:33 - Live demo - Ir sensor and apple remote, front row built in. MagSafe - prevents mac from being snagged, new power adapter that's magnetic - Pulls right off. 5.6 lbs. Std features are like prior pb. Dvi video out for 30" cinema display. $1999 1.67, $2499 1.83ghz. Shipping february, Orders today.

I'm reluctant to be an earlier adopter, but I'm drooling over the MacBook and I haven't even seen it yet.


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