Sunday, July 02, 2006

TextMate Withdrawal; jEdit to the Rescue

Since my powerbook crapped out on me (long story to be continued), I've been going through TextMate/MacOS withdrawal. But thanks to some nifty plug-ins for jEdit, and some very helpful tutorials, I'm finding a workable interim 'fix' on Windows and Ubuntu.

In fact, there are some nice features like pop-up code-completion with context sensitive rdoc (including Rails docs) that I'd like to see in TextMate.

If you're on Windows or *nix - or you don't have the moolah for TM - then it might be worth a look.
Drop me a comment if you know of any other useful tips or plug-ins for jEdit. I'm not too happy with the default syntax color scheme.

Full screenshot of jEdit and context sensitive rdoc (click for full view)

link to jedit screenshot

I'm having a few problems getting some things to work. Please let me know if you know how to:
  • run script/console or irb inside the Console. It just sits and spins when I run anything that takes input.
  • hook up to Subversion.
  • get tabbed views for file buffers instead of the buffer dropdown.
    [I got this working with the BufferTabs plug-in]
  • get class and method folding to work.
    [This just required setting Utilities > Global Options > Editing > Folding Mode to Sidekick]


Anonymous Rob - jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin author said...

Victor, thanks for your positive words about the jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin. A new 0.8 release should be coming out soon, fixing some autocompletion bugs.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Linus said...

Hi Victor, found this post via

Thought I would share some jEdit macros I whipped up based on a TextMate feature that I had to have. It's just a nicety but coding feels much more solid to me now if I can do stuff like insert two quotes and have the cursor appear between them. The way I did it, this doesn't happen if you just insert a normal quote (or opening parenthesis, etc.), you have to bind each macro to something. For example, I have the macro to insert "|" bound to CS-', [|] bound to C-[, and so on.

You can find them here.

I would release them to jEdit's official macro site, but I have the feeling that a proper plugin for this kind of thing would do much better, and might even be able to intelligently match quotes/brackets that you type without your having to tell it to. Anyway hope these come in handy.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Marius said...

Hi there!
Did you find any solution to this:
"run script/console or irb inside the Console. It just sits and spins when I run anything that takes input."
It does the same for me and i can't figure out why.

thx in advance.

3:32 AM  
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